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Is it time for a website makeover?

It's Decision Time

A total make-over or just a face-lift?

The beginning of a new year always brings self analysis and the diligent efforts to be better, brighter (and maybe even richer) than ever before. The intentions are always exceptional although usually fall short of completion. Why, you might ask? It is usually because you lack a good plan of action.

When was the last time you *really* looked at your website? Is it getting old and out of shape? Are the wrinkles showing? Maybe it's time to call in a personal trainer. That is where Brandesigns can help you; with your website anyway.

Take some time and review your current website and see if it's in shape and living up to you and your visitors' expectations. Are your guests seeing your online presence as beautifully as that reflection in the mirror? Here are some ideas for that beloved self-analysis:

  1. Is it clean? Very few people like clutter. Do you have a hodgepodge of information scattered throughout your site? This would include different fonts, different color schemes and hard to find information. Really, it's like wearing purple plaid with green stripes and bell bottom jeans that barely cover your ankles. It's not very flattering for that new image you want to portray. Simplify your site, clean out the old and tidy up a bit.
  2. Is it telling your story? Does your website accurately tell who you are today? We and our websites can "grow old" gracefully. Keep your 'about' page and contact information up-to-date and precise. Make certain your guests can find out more about you, what you have to offer and how to get in touch with you in a quick and easy manner. You never know who that next connection might be!
  3. Is it modern and engaging? Have you ever visited a website where the last post or information update was made two years ago? Social media and blogs can drive new prospects to your site, but dusty, passé connections don't send a good message. Make a decision to either kick that social media connection back into gear -- posting at least once a month -- or get rid of it.
  4. What is your image through the looking glass? How do your visitors see you in those tight jeans? Let's face it; the time is NOW to have a mobile web presence. Clunky, heavy desktop websites just don't look very good in those small mobile devices. This might be a good time for that make-over.

It's time to have a serious talk with your website personal trainer today. We really do care how you look in the eyes of your visitors. How can we help you with that total make-over or face-lift?

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