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Google Pulling Support for U.S. Military Assistance

With our observance of Veterans Day and Armistice Day just ending and all the flags, thanks to our veterans and prayers for our military personnel on social media and beyond, I have an issue with Google and its obvious disrespect to those honored.

Support for America or for china?

Pentagon's Project Maven

Google recently announced that it is pulling out of Project Maven, a Pentagon program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through and interpret video imagery from drones. The move to end their participation in the program came after an uprising by thousands of Google employees protesting; advocating the company cancel Project Maven and promise to never "build warfare technology."

The AI technology used by Project Maven could make it helpful for our men and women in uniform to differentiate combatants from civilians, it could help prevent the accidental killing of innocent men, women and children. Does Google not want to help save civilian lives?  In recent days, Amazon appears to be joining this revolution.  Are these American companies concerned about our men and women in uniform and how the security the drone imagery can help them, or are they caught up in ambitions with China motivated by a desire for growth and profit at the expense of America?

Bob Work, the former deputy secretary of defense who launched Project Maven last year, has said "Not being able to tap into the immense talent at Google to help DoD employ AI in ethical and moral ways is very sad for our society and country," he added. "It will make it more difficult to compete with countries that have no moral or ethical governors on AI in the national security space."

Business Insider reports that Microsoft will sell the Pentagon all the AI it needs.  "Microsoft was born in the United States, is headquartered in the United States, and has grown up with all the benefits that have long come from being in this country," Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith was quoted as saying.  You can read the full article here.

China's Project Dragonfly

Project DragonflyChina has one of the strictest online censorship programs in the world, with Google, Facebook and Amazon among the sites recently banned by the so-called “Great Firewall”. 

CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, thinks the search engine should be willing to work with Chinese censors. (Read the full story on Bloomberg News) Google had originally shut down its Chinese search engine in 2010, citing government attempts to “limit free speech on the web.” In 2016, a small team that included Sundar Pichai began working on China-related projects, including a program known as Dragonfly, to bring Google’s search engine back into the country. It appears that Google is now complicit in aiding and abetting anti-democratic movements abroad.  This should be a grave concern for those who belive in freedom of speech and trigger us to question the motivations of Google that are beyond the more obvious economic benefits.

Disclaimer: The information provided here are our own interpretations and opinions. We have tried to simplify the main points of this issue to create a guide for you in navigating all of the information on the Internet.

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