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Do You Have A Mobile Website?

Embrace the Mobile Market

With the advance of technology, the growth of the smart phone and introduction of the mobile tablet, there has been an unbelievable explosion in growth of mobile device sales and usage. Currently, we are on pace to more than double the number of global smartphone users from 2010-2013. These statistics also do not take into account the ever-growing tablet market which by 2013 is expected to make up nearly 21% of the mobile market. It's time to embrace the mobile market and see it as an opportunity for business growth.

95% of smartphone users have searched locally for information. One of the most staggering statistics is that over 50% of local searches are performed on a mobile device and by 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PC's to get online. In this fast paced world 60% of mobile users expect a website to load on their mobile device in under three seconds. In the event it takes longer, a whopping 78% of visitors will try to load your website one more time before leaving. Once they have left, 40% of mobile users turn to a competitor's mobile website. After their bad experience on your mobile website, 57% of the visitors will not recommend your business to other's on mobile.

It's pretty clear that the user experience that we work so hard for on a PC website needs to be carried over to mobile in order to keep customers happy and gain new business. Contact Brandesigns today so we can assist you in developing a mobile version of your website.

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