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I first worked with Tracey back in 2003 (I think).  She helped me create a website that was easy to use and showcased my business perfectly.  Then Tracey basically taught me how to maintain and update my own site.  She supported me through minor changes to the site, and then thru a major overhaul of the site.  She provided a service that most web developers do not want to do...which is pass on their knowledge. Now in 2018 I am starting my own media design company in Canada.  Tracey is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive.  Thank you to an amazing woman!
Way to go, Tracey!  Thank you.  After one of our first calls, reviewing the “rough cut” design (which was actually rather smooth) I was thinking about how you would rank near the top of all the talented programmers I have worked with at my own software company through the years.  (And there were a lot of them!)

It is a rare gift to have both the top notch technical skills that you possess as well as the inter-personal and communications skills that make you such a pleasure to work with.  

You literally brought our vision to life (from a very sketchy beginning, I might add) with great efficiency, meeting all deadlines (another rare quality) with nearly flawless execution.  All of this was accomplished against a very short project timeframe with a very tight budget.  The budget was perhaps the only area where you did NOT exceed our expectations, which was a good thing.  Training and follow-up support was just as painless.  Bravo!  Job well done.
Tracey did an amazing job!  She was very patient with us as we sometimes weren't able to get information to her in a timely fashion.  She gives excellent customer service & is always available to answer our questions.  We highly recommend her company.
Danford Realty
The Best
  · 05-18-2017
Tracey has been nothing but outstanding in her work for me, from the building of my website which has gotten nothing but rave reviews everyone loves it.  To her advice and solutions in helping me with my business, i would strongly recommend Tracey to anyone looking to get started in this business, her advice and assistance has been top notch!  Vic
Tracey is the 4th or 5th web design and support person that we have used and the ONLY ONE that does what she says she will do and gets it done quickly and efficiently.  She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.  We give her an assignment and its DONE!

Kudos to great service from an outstanding vendor.
Tracey is an excellent web designer to work with. We have been working with her on a project for our new client, for several weeks now and I have nothing but great things to say about her. She is attentive, detailed, and incredibly creative. I would highly recommend Tracey and Brandesigns for any and all website work you or your company needs.
With a short lead time to build our online presence, Brandesigns was able to interpret our needs and bring us online quickly. We received many comments on how professional the site was and how user-friendly it was. That right there is an indication of the type of results you can expect from Tracey.  We also incorporated an online webstore into our site.  Tracey sourced some options of webstore software, worked closely with us to integrate some complexity re: shipping and had the webstore up and running in a matter of a few days.  We are still grinning ear to ear with our website and still receiving kudos on it's look and functionality.  You will not be disappointed with a Brandesigns solution.
Tracey does an amazing job and is very prompt with your requests.  I love the fact that even though I could manage some of the updates myself, she doesn't hesitate if I request her to do them for me!  Plus, the fact that the web site is so professional looking as well as easy to navigate, makes the entire experience great!  Brandesigns has been in charge of our web site for many years now, and will continue to be!
Tracey at Brandesigns is wonderful. We contacted her for assistance with our old website when our past web designer left town. The old website had been hacked and the best solution was to start over. Tracey designed our new website and trained our Administrative Assistant so that she could maintain it. Tracey was professional and did an outstanding job. Tracey was not only there to design the website, she has continued to be there for follow-up, questions and issues that have come up. I do not know what we would have done without her.
  · 04-22-2016
I have known Tracey since childhood. She is a talented, creative, and honest lady. I contacted Tracey a couple years ago to create and manage my insurance website. She did a fabulous job. She researches healthcare articles for my site, which is no easy feat. I highly recommend her for your website needs. Tracey is very tech savvy, and always there when you need her.
Tracey, thank you for your expertise in your job, and friendship over the years.
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