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Planning Your Website

No matter where you are, Brandesigns can help you develop a strategy for your online presence.

Design Process

Web design is one of the most vital aspects of modern online marketing. It is very important for a website design to be effective. The visitor will remain on the site if it looks attractive and content is easy to find.

Color, fonts, and layout are all basic tools of the design process. The page layout turns into a language that helps both the administrator and the user know where to find critical information. Planning Your Website with BrandesignsThe strong, visual designs created by Brandesigns Web Solutions incorporates industry best practices to integrate a solid visual design that will highlight important information and reduce visual clutter.

Your web site must be able to provide relevant information, products and services that people want. This is the basic objective of every website – to provide information that is more specific and precise.

Creating a site that is Search Engine friendly is also a very important factor in the design process. Too much flash and using web frames will limit the search engine spiders in reading and indexing your site. High-quality content and relevant keywords are essential in the site content in order to ensure a site that is search engine friendly.

Simplicity – Less is More

Keeping your website simple should be the primary goal in designing your website. Remember that users are searching for information or answer to a certain questions. In addition, Simple websites are easier to navigate, load faster and are quicker to design and build.

Planning Your Website

Develop Your Strategy

Answer These Questions

  • What do you expect this site to do for you? If you want to increase sales, set a realistic dollar figure for your increase.
  • Who will build and maintain your site? Overall, the time and expense to maintain exceeds the time and expense to build, if done right.
  • Who is your intended audience? Not everyone will buy from you, so specifically mention who you believe your customers will be.
  • What exactly will you sell?
  • How you will market the site?
  • Who will maintain inventory and where?
  • Who will package and ship the items you sell?
  • Are the costs of the project beneficial?


When building a website make sure that your audience will quickly understand what your page is about. The navigation and site architecture have to be spontaneous or else more questions about your site will arise in your audience's mind. A comprehensible structure, sensible visual clues and identifiable links can aid users to get what they need. Let your website be clear and understandable.

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